About Sistah Speak

Sistah Speak is the latest iteration of the Sistahs Entertainment Review (S.E.R.) podcasts. Sistah Speak includes a series of podcasts produced and hosted by Sistah J and Sistah K. Our entertainment podcasts include commentary about both reality and dramatic television shows and an occasional movie review. The Sistahs created their podcasts at a time when the need for women’s voices in cyberspace broadcasting about television shows and movies was great. And, the need for a Black woman’s perception and honest analysis about shows and movies was greatest of all.

During the summer of 2007, we had an idea to create our very own podcast and website. While grilling burgers outside in the Texas heat, we talked about several podcasts we had recently heard. We were surprised that we both had the identical thought: often actors of color are perceived and talked about differently by podcast hosts who have no knowledge or experience within minority communities. This problem seemed especially noticeable with reality television shows. Rather than only complain about the dearth of inclusive commentary, we decided to do something about it. Thus, S.E.R. was born. It’s express purpose was to add our voices to the chorus of podcasters turning out podcasts regularly.

We produced our first podcast in July 2007 with the “Big Brother 8” reality show. Then we included podcasts for the sci-fi series “The 4400,” and a review of several shows from the 2007 Fall television season. Since that time, we have consistently published podcasts covering every television season, for summer and fall. As we became more prolific, we created our Sistah Speak series to cover several dramas and reality shows that included the HBO series “True Blood,” the Fox series “Fringe,” the AMC series “The Walking Dead,” and the HBO series “Game of Thrones.” Past Sistah Speak podcasts have covered the CBS reality shows “Survivor” and “The Amazing Race” and the sci-fi drama “V.”

To date, the Sistahs have produced and hosted over 500 podcast episodes.

The Sistah Speak series of podcasts exists to provide diversity of thought and commentary within the podcast community. We aim to add our voices to the plethora of others who provide entertainment critique and fan discussion about popular television shows and movies.