About The Sistahs


Sistah J

I remember when television was brought into our house. Of course, in those days all the programming was in black and white. My father was the only one in the house allowed to touch the gorgeous shiny knobs that set below a screen encased in blonde wood. Those were the days of “The Howdy Doody Show” and news programs. Yep, I’m a BBB (bonafide Baby Boomer). In those days, programming ended every night before ten o’clock. Now, thank goodness, watching television can be an all day and all night affair. I grew up watching great kung fu movies, all the tearjerkers from the 50’s, and my all-time favorite series: the original Star Trek. Over the years, I’ve watched the colorization and special effects in television shows and movies improve dramatically. I’ve laughed, cried, and cursed at my television screen on many occasions. Then, like a trusted friend, I eagerly greet it the first thing every morning, and bid it adieu the last thing each night.


Sistah K

As the only child of a hard-working single parent, I recall television fondly. We spent a lot of time together after school and on weekends, through winter breaks and summer vacations. We were the best of friends. Movies were soon to follow and musicals became my love. Does anyone remember The Whiz or The Pirate Movie? After school specials were major topics of discussion. MTV was part of network television and cable had only one channel. Black and white was fazing out and technicolor was all the rage. TiVo rhymed with Devo (an 80’s rock group) and VCRs were just a rich man’s toy in the beginning. Drive-ins were hanging on by a thread, while the multiplexes thrived. Now we have satellite, more channels than can possibly be seen in a day and Blue Ray. TV, movies and I grew up together with many fascinating changes, laughter and tears, love and heartache. We have aged beautifully through it all and have remained friends through-out.


Sistah A

When I was a kid, my brother and I were only allowed to watch an hour of TV a night! Can you imagine?? So I had to find other ways to entertain myself. Luckily, I have always been a very curious person and interested in many things and this is what lead me to becoming a podcast listener. It was shows like Lost and Survivor that made me seek out podcasts that discussed theories and strategies.

One of the very first podcasts I found was Sistah Speak! These two ladies could BREAK IT DOWN! And they did it with such great humor and enthusiasm that I was HOOKED.  Then through the magic of social media and Words With Friends, I struck up a friendship with Sistah K and then Sistah LM.  We podcast on shows we like and sometimes start to dislike, a variety of movies and even a book now and then. We all have our own opinions but learn from each other which is what makes it great!


Sistah LM

Reading books is my passion but television gives me an escape as well. I get lost in someone else’s world just by turning the pages of a book or tuning in to the TV screen. I am from the generation when family drama and comedy ruled the majority of screen time. Then came reality TV shows like Big Brother. Unfortunately after a few seasons I noticed the lack of diversity in casting houseguests. I discovered an awesomesauce podcast titled “Sistah Speak” where two intelligent, hilarious women of color discussed Big Brother from a sistah’s point of view. Now it feels surreal to be a co-host. How fun it is to share thoughts and laughs with my Sistahs and listeners around the world. It is like a never-ending convo with family.

Whether I am reading characters from my beloved books or watching characters on screen, both are forms of entertainment I love.